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Our company specializes in producing and processing raspberry Extra quality products. We also work on other products (soft fruits) and vegetables.

Production range

Production covers cooled products as well as frozen. Over 15 types of fruits and vegetables is processed, out of which key products are: strawberries, cherries and raspberries, rhubarb, leek and onions. Our B2B offer focused on production companies in Food Industry, which use frozen food as an input.


Our B2B offer ranges from buying products, freezing to process, store and expedition of products.

Headquarter and plant:


ZAK sp. z o.o.

Ratoszyn Drugi 94

24-350 Chodel


Office: (+ 48) 81 829 34 35 |  biuro.zak@vp.pl

Sales Dept.: (+ 48) 81 829 34 55 | skup.zak@vp.pl


In order to meet the expectations of our customers and provide sufficient product safety, a fully functional HACCP programm was implemented. Our staff is fully trained, qualified, and aware of the importance of matter.

We are certified with BRC grade A (valid to July 2017)